Thursday, July 9, 2009

Belgacom Offers Free IPTV to Subscribers of Fixed + Internet or Mobile

Belgacom began offering a way for its existing fixed line, Internet or mobile subscribers to qualify for a free IPTV service. Basically, customers must opt for two
products with Belgacom, i.e. Internet and fixed or mobile telephony, and Belgacom TV Comfort is thrown in for free, including the decoder. Customers wanting to connect a second TV set will need to pay a supplement of EUR 6 per month for renting a second decoder. It is also possible to buy one for EUR 79 (currently available for EUR 49 under a special offer). The one-time activation charge for these formulas is EUR 50.

BelgacomTV recently celebrated its fourth anniversary and now boasts 555,000 customers (or about 1.5 million viewers). Belgacom TV is available to 87% of the population, while 78% can connect two TV sets. Moreover, 66.2% of the population (about 75% of Belgacom TV customers) can receive programs in HD quality.

Earlier this year, Belgacom launched the Happy Time One rate (12,000 free minutes per month for making calls in the evenings and on weekends, from both fixed-line phones and mobile phones to all fixed-line and mobile numbers in Belgium) and Internet One (allowing Belgacom Internet customers to use their laptop to surf on the move and free of charge anywhere in Belgium on weekends and public holidays with the free option Mobile Internet Free Weekend One). Two months ago the Group went one step further by introducing the All-In-One formula, which groups all of the Belgacom Group's services together in one package: fixed and mobile telephony (Happy Time One), fixed and mobile Internet and Belgacom TV Comfort.

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