Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ballard Fuel Cells Power Motorola TETRA Base Stations in Denmark

Ballard Power Systems' fuel cells are being used as the power source for a 1.6 kiloWatt backup power system in a public safety application deployed by Motorola in Denmark. Specifically, Dantherm Air Handling A/S, is utilizing Ballard's fuel cell product in a fully integrated cabinet solution for Motorola TETRA base stations throughout Denmark's SINE network. Motorola is responsible for establishment and operation of Denmark's nationwide SINE public safety network, which consists of approximately 500 sites. Ballard fuel cells will provide backup power in 123 base stations across Denmark.

Ballard Power Systems said backup power solutions based on fuel cell technology deliver a number of significant advantages over conventional batteries and diesel generators, including higher reliability over a wide range of operating conditions, lower maintenance costs, longer operating life, and reduced size, weight, installation footprint, and environmental impact.

Denmark's SINE network is based on the TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) standard, developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. The TETRA standard and protocol are being specified for use in numerous professional mobile radio systems around the globe. These systems ensure that various public safety authorities - such as police, fire and ambulance services, transportation organizations, utilities and military groups - are able to maintain continuous, secure communication with one another during any emergency situation. TETRA standards ensure a higher level of reliability than public cellular services. As of September 2008, a total of 2,232 TETRA-based contracts were in-place across 105 countries in Europe, the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East.