Monday, July 6, 2009

AT&T Expands TeleNav Track GPS Services

AT&T is expanding its TeleNav Track, GPS-enabled mobile resource management (MRM) service for mobile business customers, with a new TeleNav Track LITE version that provides real-time visibility of employee locations.

TeleNav Track LITE from AT&T is a tracking service that provides real-time visibility of field employee locations to improve dispatch operations and enhance customer service. It is a Web-based MRM solution that does not require software or GPS on the mobile device. The service works on the AT&T wireless network running on virtually all AT&T mobile devices, laptop cards and wireless equipped notebooks. The service will be available at the end of July.

With TeleNav Track LITE from AT&T, business managers can monitor their mobile workforce and resources with the ability to identify their current location on a map, even when inside buildings. The tracking feature is always on and cannot be disabled on the device, providing companies with a constant view into the location of all mobile resources.

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