Monday, June 29, 2009

Xena Networks Launches GbE/10GbE Test Platform

Xena Networks, a start-up based in Copenhagen, released its "XenaCompact" GbE/10GbE test platform. The XenaCompact provides wire-speed L2/L3 traffic generation and analysis capabilities in a compact one rack-unit form factor.

Each unit supplies up to six GbE ports or two 10GbE ports in a variety of copper and optical interfaces. The XenaManager test management software provides an intuitive graphical user interface requiring little to no training to use. And, a flexible scripting interface enables test engineers using the XenaCompact to implement a wide range of test setups including those requiring interoperability with 3rd party test tools.

"As part of a cooperative test project between Internet2 in the United States and DANTE in the United Kingdom, MCNC used the XenaCompact to test and characterize various combinations of network equipment we use to terminate transatlantic OC-192 circuits with 10GbE customer interfaces", said John Moore, Advanced Services Director at MCNC. "There has been great interest in the research and education community for a network test tool like Xena's that provides the ability to accurately characterize the performance of a 10GbE network at a practical price point", continued Moore.