Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Verizon Business Enables Dynamic Management of Ethernet Networks

Verizon Business introduced a customer-controlled dynamic management capability for its Ethernet Virtual Private Line service.

The new offering, Verizon EVPL Dynamic Bandwidth, is available immediately to U.S.-based businesses and government agencies. It enables them to adjust their bandwidth requirements on an as-needed basis, and, as a result, to better leverage the low cost and simplicity of Ethernet, with the added flexibility of self-provisioned network capacity that can accommodate surges in application-bandwidth.

Verizon said EVPL Dynamic Bandwidth is aimed at large-enterprise and mid-market customers -- such as tax preparers, retailers and insurance companies -- that have seasonal requirements and intermittent bandwidth demands.

Using the Verizon Enterprise Center, a one-stop resource for customers to manage all of their Verizon services, EVPL users have desktop control over a self-service portal that allows for dynamic bandwidth provisioning and reporting. Upgrades or downgrades can be delivered within 60 minutes, modifications can be made every 24 hours, and customers can schedule upgrades in advance.

Verizon's Private IP customers also have access to similar dynamic bandwidth and reporting capabilities via the Verizon Enterprise Center. The Dynamic Bandwidth and automated monitoring features, part of the company's Application Aware suite of tools that enable increased network visibility and management, allow for bandwidth changes on demand based on the customer's needs, and provide customized reports to indicate bandwidth usage.