Monday, June 15, 2009

Tektronix Extends Mobile Network Monitoring Capability for Femtocells

Tektronix Communications introduced a femtocell monitoring solution based upon its GeoProbe network monitoring platform.

Tektronix Communications' GeoProbe Femtocell solution provides real time, end-to-end network visibility and trouble-shooting capability for operators deploying femtocell access networks alongside their UTRAN mobile access networks. Adoption of femtocell networks is projected to continue into 4G as the need increases for more cost-efficient capacity and bandwidth growth. As part of the Unified Assurance portfolio, the GeoProbe platform of monitoring solutions will support both standards 3GPP release 8 and vendor proprietary versions of the femtocell interfaces.

Femtocell networks rely on a new architecture that leverages existing 3G network elements (MSC, SGSN) but also includes new network interfaces (Iuh) and new network elements (HNB, HNB-GW, Security-GW, etc.) that are unproven in a mobile network environment where the expectations for quality are very high.

Tektronix said that for operators deploying femtocell networks, this represents a significant quality assurance risk, especially given the fact that the HNB located at the customer premise will be exposed to external factors unforeseen by traditional network elements that are typically housed at the central office or in a secure location.

"Tektronix Communications' femtocell monitoring solution enables operators adopting femtocells to ensure the same level of QoS in their femtocell networks as they have come to expect in their mobile network with the ability to monitor and troubleshoot customer impacting problems all the way to the femto home node B," said Mark Driedger, vice president and general manager of Network Monitoring for Tektronix Communications. "In addition, operators now have the flexibility to scale their network monitoring needs as they adopt new broadband technologies such as HSPA and LTE."

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