Monday, June 29, 2009

Spirent Delives Test Lab Automation Solution

Spirent Communications introduced a broad set of tools designed to automate the testing process and save engineers and their organizations time and money. "Spirent NoCode" is an integrated, modular, multi-vendor, multi-layer test framework with test and lab management capabilities covering operations, test, systems and device automation.

The company said its solution covers the entire breadth of test automation requirements, streamlining the efforts associated with managing physical infrastructure, integrating and configuring the test environment, authoring and executing test cases, as well as orchestrating entire test campaigns.The NoCode solutions:

  • Spirent NoCode Physical Infrastructure helps engineers realize true
    lab automation and cost-reduction through the optimization and promotion of sharing lab equipment by job scheduling and use of transparent switching infrastructure. Ultimately, organizations can better manage the costs related to utilizing equipment and more easily maintain global test equipment assets.

  • Spirent NoCode Environment enhances collaboration in the lab by integrating and streamlining automation processes within existing infrastructures, supports a standardized communication platform for configuration of devices and implementation, and automates
    configuration and pass/fail criteria within tests.

  • Spirent NoCode Test Case allows engineers to author test cases and convert them into executable scripts without coding. Users can specify test logic in a GUI to realistically emulate network activity, analyze results and uncover bugs. This approach allows users not skilled in
    programming to quickly build automated test cases.

  • Spirent NoCode Test Cycle supports a complete regression environment and enables the optimization and execution of test cases based on available test resources as well as the valuable measurement of
    operational performance.

Spirent NoCode solutions are designed in accordance with the automation framework defined by the Test Automation Alliance (TAA).