Sunday, June 28, 2009

Optical Internetworking Forum Publishes 100G Framework

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) published a framework document that lays the foundation for its100G technical work. A product of the 100G collaboration announced last year by the OIF, the 100G LH DWDM Framework Document provides component vendors with the specificity needed to focus their 100G investments.

The OIF's 100G projects are targeted at producing specifications for the technically challenging application of DWDM 100G long haul transport interfaces over 50GHz spaced channels.

The Framework Document begins by identifying a modulation format that is used to drive key component design considerations for the integrated photonics transmitter and receiver, the electro-mechanical aspects of a line-side optical transceiver module, as well as for forward error correction. The sub-components are being specified in a modulation format independent manner where possible.

"The Framework Document provides the foundation that is needed to coordinate and advance the OIF 100G projects," said Jeff Hutchins, CoreOptics and an OIF board member. "The OIF's Working Groups are now able to develop implementation agreements for the key components necessary for cost effective 100G long haul transport."

"We are really encouraged by the OIF work on 100G," said Glenn Wellbrock, Director of Optical Transport, Network Architecture and Design for Verizon. "Bringing together multiple companies will allow the industry to work more quickly to implement 100G and help to both focus and minimize the industry's investment."

A copy of the Framework Document can be viewed at