Monday, June 8, 2009

NEC Introduces Video & Web Collaboration Tools

NEC Unified Solutions launched UC for Enterprise (UCE) Collaboration, a video and web conferencing and collaboration application designed to help enterprises make meaningful remote contact with customers and employees. Hosted Collaboration, a web-based service offering the same features and functionality to small- and medium-sized businesses, is also now available.

NEC said its UCE Collaboration tools can facilitate scheduled or impromptu video or web collaboration. Both UCE Collaboration and Hosted Collaboration incorporate the audio, web and video components needed for live online meetings. Key features include:

  • Video Conferencing -- from 1 to 16 video windows open during a conference; the meeting moderator can dynamically control the video feeds to select which conference participants are visible at any time; the moderator can define who is viewed and by whom, as well as mute individual participants' video and/or audio (if using VoIP streaming audio). The total number of participants is limited by the number of seats purchased.

  • VoIP

  • Whiteboarding -- a freeform whiteboard for drawing, brainstorming, and working out ideas that is shared between all conference participants.

  • Desktop Sharing -- users share desktop or a specific application with others for them to view as they present, demonstrate a product, or provide training.

  • Applications/Computer Sharing -- participants can work on a document, spreadsheet or presentation on one user's computer together; users may give other participants control of their desktop.

  • Polling/Surveys -- take instant polls and have the system provide an immediate graph of the results to be shared with the group; survey participants in detail and store results on the conference server for review after the conference session.

UCE and Hosted Collaboration are offered in conjunction with XL Meeting, a reservationless third-party audio, video and web hosting service.

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