Monday, June 22, 2009

Mu Dynamics Defines VoIP/SBC Test Methodology

Mu Dynamics has published a "cookbook" of cooperative detailed VoIP testing methodologies providing best practices for product quality testing of Session Border Controllers (SBCs) throughout the software development life cycle. By incorporating the methodology, along with the newly announced Mu Studio custom and proprietary test module, leading SBC vendors can now improve the quality of their products and lower total development and test times by identifying and eliminating problems earlier in the development process.

Veraz is among the SBC vendors using the best practices as described in the test methodology and the highly-automated Mu Test Suite.

The Mu Test Suite accelerates the discovery, documentation and reduction of potential product quality issues before product release. By identifying and resolving software weaknesses early in the development process, the Mu Test Suite ensures quality is achieved at the lowest possible cost, while maximizing the productivity of the QA and Engineering teams.