Sunday, June 7, 2009

Idaho's Syringa Deploys ADVA's FSP 3000

Syringa Networks, the premier middle mile provider serving the state of Idaho, is upgrading its network with ADVA Optical Networking's FSP 3000 platform. This new installation significantly upgrades Syringa Networks' existing 4x2.5Gbps DWDM technology with 40x10Gbps capability, thereby increasing capacity by 40x throughout its 2000km regional fiber-optic network across southern Idaho.

ADVA noted that the deployment of Raman amplifiers has reduced the number of amplification sites necessary from 29 to 21. This generates savings in both real estate and energy. Additionally, these new efficiencies free existing network equipment to be redeployed elsewhere, if Syringa Networks so chooses.

Syringa Networks was created in September 2000 by 12 rural telephone companies with the goal of building an extensive fiber-optic broadband network across southern Idaho. ADVA Optical Networking has provided equipment and services to Syringa Networks since 2001.


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