Thursday, June 25, 2009

Huawei Opens LTE Incubator Laboratory in Japan

Huawei Technologies has launched a Long Term Evolution (LTE) lab in Tokyo, Japan. The lab will both serve as an incubator for LTE technologies and a training facility for the implementation and commercialization of the next-generation wireless technology. Huawei' s research and development teams will also be able to work with Japanese operators to conduct rigorous test on LTE systems before delivery.

Huawei's LTE lab in Tokyo includes the latest testing facilities and a real-world environment in which tests such as peak throughput, latency, multi-users, quality of service (QoS), handover, Element-level Management System (EMS) operation and Self-Organizing Network (SON) can be conducted. The lab' s downlink data rate at application layer can reach 140 Mbps through a single remote radio unit (RRU) with 20 Mhz bandwidth. It is also equipped with Huawei' s fourth-generation DBS3900 base station and the latest versions of commercial LTE software and test terminals.

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