Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Huawei Launches New 400G-Platform Universal Service Router

Huawei Technologies launched its new NetEngine V6 400G-platform universal service router. The router provides capacity of 400Gbps per slot and is fully compatible with all existing NE40E router linecards.

Product highlights include:

  • 400 gigabits per slot which fully meet the operator requirements of network evolution and development when striding to HD Video era.

  • Energy efficient design -- Huawei claims the lowest power consumption per GE/10GE, which is about 10% less than similar products.

  • 960 GE ports per chassis

  • Full backward compatibility with all line-cards

  • The ability to integrate BRAS, GGSN, DPI, SBC, video real-time monitoring and stream cache technologies

  • Integrated Value-added Service Engine(iVSE), in-line Real-time Stream Monitoring(iRSM) and comprehensive clock sync capabilities