Sunday, June 21, 2009

GigOptix Enables Sub 1W for 120 Gbps Parallel Optics Links

GigOptix reported error-free 10 Gbps optical links over 100m of multi-mode fiber (MMF) operating with less than 81mW per channel or 8mW/Gb/s. These links used ‘off the shelf' 850 nm O/E components and GigOptix's HXT/R4 series of multichannel VCSEL driver and receiver arrays with a single power supply.

GigOptix said this technology demonstration represents a major step in parallel optics solutions as it will enable 12 channel links used in SNAP12, CXP, for and 100GBASE-SR10 standards to achieve sub 1W power dissipation.

Commercially available 12 channel parallel optics modules operating at 6.25Gb/s per channel offer an aggregate bandwidth of 75 Gbps with power consumption of 53mW/Gbps or in the range of 300mW per channel. GigOptix 10 Gbps solution offers 120 Gbps and results demonstrate more than 6 x improvement over the previous generations with a single power supply.