Sunday, June 14, 2009

Freescale Debuts VortiQa Software for its Multicore Processors

Freescale introduced new application-level software specifically optimized to unleash the performance of its multicore QorIQ and PowerQUICC processors. The company is launching
the first four "VortiQa" software lines targeted at the service provider, enterprise, small business and SOHO/residential market segments. Freescale's PowerQUICC processors are used widely in a broad range of networking devices. QorIQ communications platforms are Freescale's next-generation evolution of PowerQUICC processors and operate at up to 1.5 GHz per core.

The new VortiQa software leverages technology and talent obtained through the October 2008 acquisition of Intoto, Inc., a leading provider of software products for networking and security equipment manufacturers. Freescale combined its PowerQUICC and QorIQ processors with Intoto's broad, application-based products built on modular, scalable software architecture, as well as the deep multicore software engineering expertise of both companies.

The new VortiQa software aims to remove programming bottlenecks in designing networking gear with multi-core processors, which promise greater performance and better energy-efficiency. For example, VortiQa software for enterprise network equipment leverages Freescale hardware acceleration technology to provide up to 10x VPN performance in security-enabled network equipment compared to non-optimized solutions, while dramatically reducing development time.

VortiQa software is optimized to take full advantage of Freescale's QorIQ processor technology, including pattern matching engine, security accelerator, datapath acceleration and other features, thereby boosting performance in embedded systems. It eliminates the time-consuming task of creating application-optimal mapping of functionality and core assignments for asymmetric multi-processing (AMP), symmetric multi-processing (SMP) and hybrid AMP+SMP configurations.

With the launch of VortiQa software, Freescale introduces four product lines targeting key markets:

  • VortiQa software for service provider equipment leverages hybrid software architecture and delivers high performance in both throughput and session processing for data plane applications. Example applications include routers and switches, metro carrier edge routers, UTM devices and IMS controllers.

  • VortiQa software for enterprise equipment uses SMP-based software architecture and delivers scalable performance across multiple cores. Example applications include SSL and IPSec firewalls, UTM devices, converged media gateways and access gateways.

  • VortiQa software for small business gateways uses either AMP- or SMP-based software architecture, delivers complete functionality for small business gateways and is performance-tuned for specific PowerQUICC silicon. Example applications include branch office routers and multi-service business gateways.

  • VortiQa software for SOHO/residential gateways targets low-end gateways with additional capabilities for provisioning by service providers. Example applications include broadband routers and digital home gateways.

Freescale has also expanded its ecosystem of partners:

  • Hardware and JDM/ODM partners, including Advantech and Flextronics, to provide turn-key manufacturing, fulfillment and pre-build hardware manufacturing.

  • OS, tools and development solutions partners, including Green Hills Software, MontaVista and Virtutech to provide development tools, operating systems and BSP support.

  • Independent software vendors (ISVs), including 6WIND, Dimark Technologies, D2 Technologies, Mocana and Synology America, to provide software applications, stacks and related services in specific vertical segments. These products and services can be delivered either independently of, or integrated with, Freescale VortiQa software.

  • Systems integrators, including Aricent, GDA Technologies and Patni Computer Systems, to provide product development, integration and professional services capabilities.