Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Firetide Debuts 900 MHz Non-Line-of-Sight Mesh Wireless

Firetide introduced a non-line-of-sight, 900 MHz wireless "Smart Adaptive" mesh solution aimed at utilities, public safety, transportation and industrial applications wherever clear line-of-sight cannot be obtained. The new HotPort 6000-900 can be used to deploy multi-hop, fully meshed networks and delivers throughput of up to 26 Mbps, depending on line of sight conditions.

Firetide said its HotPort 6000-900 mesh is uniquely designed for noisy 900 MHz spectrum and leverages Smart Adaptive Mesh technology to mitigate the effects of interference that typically bring down wireless throughput and reliability in this band. For example, Firetide's noise-aware data path and noise filtering algorithms enable mesh to better handle interference from other 900 MHz devices, as well as from adjacent frequency bands taken up by cellular and 3G traffic. Tools such as the spectrum analyzer, which is integrated into the product, allow a network administrator to remotely monitor the health of the network and take actions to further optimize the network performance.

The HotPort 6000-900 mesh is part of and fully compatible with the HotPort 6000 series of mesh nodes that provide reliable Ethernet connectivity over a high-performance, self-forming wireless mesh backbone. All HotPort nodes have multiple Ethernet ports for connecting network devices or other networks to the wireless mesh. With HotPort 6000 nodes, users can build a single infrastructure for voice, video and data traffic, dramatically reducing capital investment in the wireless backbone.

The 900 MHz product features a dual radio solution with the capability of operating in the 900 MHz spectrum on one of the radios, while operating in the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz or 4.9 GHz (public safety) frequency bands on the other. The solution is available immediately in both indoor and outdoor configurations.

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