Monday, June 1, 2009

Cortina Unveils Next Gen Optical Transport Platform

Cortina Systems, a start-up based in Sunnyvale, California, introduced its next generation optical transport processor platform designed for efficient multiplexing and transparent transport of a broad spectrum of 10G class clients including Ethernet, SONET/SDH, and storage over 10G or 40G optical transport networks. The platform offers analog integration, optical transport networking, and advanced forward error correction (FEC) technology.

Cortina said its design allows for denser and more flexible line cards for metro and long-haul dense wavelength-division-multiplexing applications, Ethernet switch and router platforms, and submarine ultra long-haul systems. Key features include aggregation of four fully independent synchronous or asynchronous 10Gs tributaries to a 40G signal; super forward error correction ("Super FEC"); transport, mapping, and performance monitoring; and networking support for various client signals.

The CS6001 Transport Processor, the first member of the CS600x family, features two 17-lane or 16-lane 40G-class interfaces (SFI-5.1 or 16-lane SFI-4.2), eight four-lane 10G-class interfaces (XAUI or SFI-4.2), and four XFI serial 10G-class interfaces. Additionally, each SFI-5.1 interface can be down-clocked to operate as a 16-bit SFI-4.1 compliant interface. The CS6001 can handle full duplex processing of either a single 40G signal or up to four independent 10G signals. The receiver and transmit ports can be configured independently to monitor (and optionally terminate) OTU3/OC-768, 40GE, and OTU2/OC-192/10 GbE/FC-1200/FC-800 signals.

The CS600x device family is offered as five different options that are specifically tailored to various 40G or 10G applications. It is built with 65nm technology and Cortina is currently shipping samples. The CS600x will be generally available in July 2009.

Cortina also unveiled an Integrated Access development suite that includes silicon and software solutions optimized for 1 to 10 Gigabit EPON, GPON, and active Ethernet access technologies. The company's forthcoming CS8x12 Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) products will address EPON, GPON, and Active Ethernet deployments.

The CS8x12 is a carrier class, single chip, MDU device with integrated aggregation switch, carrier-class traffic manager, and Ethernet or xDSL subscriber interface. The CS8x12 product family comprises the CS8212 (GPON) and CS8012 (EPON) System on a Chip (SoC) devices that are shipping in volume as of today. Both devices, as part of the Integrated Access platform, share the same software model, can reuse board design rules, and can be configured in Active Ethernet configuration to address non-PON-based fiber


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