Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comcast Begins Bundling WiMAX in Portland

Comcast launched a high-speed wireless data service Portland, Oregon -- the first market for the new Comcast High-Speed 2go service. Comcast's High-Speed 2go will be bundled with one or more of Comcast's Internet, phone and television products, providing mobile broadband where ever and whenever customers need to be connected.

Comcast is selling two different data cards and service plans:

  • Comcast High-Speed 2go Metro service uses a 4G-only data card giving customers the fastest wireless service within the 4G metro coverage area. The Metro device operates only in a 4G service footprint.

  • Comcast High-Speed 2go Nationwide service delivers the fastest metro 4G service plus coast-to-coast access on Sprint's national 3G network. The Nationwide device automatically switches between available 4G and 3G networks.

Comcast also will be selling High-Speed 2go to small-to-mid-sized businesses through Comcast Business Services sales teams.

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