Sunday, June 21, 2009

COLT Deploys Infinera for Pan-European Network

COLT, a leading European provider of business communications, has deployed an Infinera Digital Optical Network for its pan-European network. COLT operates a 13-country, 25,000km network that includes metropolitan area networks in 34 major European cities with direct fiber connections into 16,000 buildings and 18 COLT data centres. The first phase of COLT's Infinera network connects major cities in eight countries in the business heart of Europe, including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Infinera said the first phase of the COLT network was deployed in just three months, significantly faster than the time required by a traditional DWDM network. Based on Infinera's large-scale photonic integrated circuits, the Infinera DTN optical system uses fewer line cards and fewer cables, simplifying and speeding up the initial deployment process. In addition, Infinera's GMPLS-powered IQ network operating system supports rapid deployment with intelligent features like automatic recognition and inventorying of network assets.

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