Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chelsio Adds Traffic Mgt to its Unified Wire Adapters

Chelsio Communications has added traffic management (TM) and filtering capabilities for its T3-based Unified Wire Adapters, enabling the efficient management of offloaded traffic and filtering of received packets for a wide range of virtualized application environments.

Chelsio's Unified Wire adapters are now able to shape and pace offloaded TCP traffic per connection or per arbitrary class and filter non-off-loaded (tunneled) received packets at 10Gb rate on the fly. The TM and filtering functions can be mixed and matched in a wide variety of applications, including storage virtualization, where traffic to each storage disk head must be regulated. Other applications include firewalls, LFN, and video/IPTV, in which video servers must be able to present predictable latency and bandwidth.

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