Monday, June 15, 2009

BridgeWave Supplies Gigabit Backhaul for Kulacom in Jordan, Bahrain

BridgeWave Communications has supplied a gigabit wireless backhaul solution for Kulacom's WiMAX network. Specifically, Kulacom's Jordan and Bahrain operations are using BridgeWave's AdaptRate 80 GHz product, AR80X, for a reliable carrier-class backhaul solution to provide high-capacity WiMAX connectivity to support VoIP and data services.

Kulacom, established in 2006, provides voice and Internet services to emerging markets. Kulacom Jordan secured a 3.6 GHz frequency license in January 2008. Their services include point-to-point IP connectivity, VoIP and data hosting. Recently, the Jordan operation expanded its services to include WiMAX Internet, providing uninterrupted, fast and reliable connections to Kulacom customers.

Additional gear has been deployed in Bahrain. BridgeWave said that despite the harsh climactic conditions of the region including severe heat, high winds and heavy rainfall, the AR80X wireless links continue to perform flawlessly. Since BridgeWave's links operate in the uncluttered 80 GHz band, BridgeWave's backhaul solution accommodates their present data and will support future applications as Kulacom continues to expand their presence in additional markets.