Monday, June 22, 2009

Allot Tunes Deep Packet Inspection and Caching for Monetizing Internet Video

Allot Communications unveiled its "MediaSwift" solution -- a revenue- generating network and subscriber service designed to intelligently accelerate internet content delivery (HTTP streamed video and P2P traffic) to broadband subscribers.

MediaSwift synergizes Allot's DPI and caching competences to provide a unified intelligent media caching solution which delivers improved quality of experience (QoE). MediaSwift is offered as an internal blade or as an external solution with Allot Service Gateway. It is also offered as a solution with other Allot platforms.

The platform analyzes streams of traffic and when needed will cache streamed video traffic so as to optimize performance.

Allot confirmed that its MediaSwift has already been deployed at a Tier 1 operator in Asia, in conjunction with both Allot Service Gateway and Allot NetEnforcer. Analysis of the implementation to date shows an approximate saving of 40% in backhaul and international traffic at the installed sites, as well as a significantly enhanced subscriber experience for internet video and P2P traffic.

Allot MediaSwift is currently commercially available.

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