Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Verizon Provides Its Managers With BlackBerry Access to Operations Systems

Using a new software program developed for BlackBerry smartphones, Verizon has begun providing its customer-service managers with anytime, anywhere access to the company's systems and records that support service delivery. The new program, called iSite, was developed by Verizon's information technology team in order to leverage the power of wireless communications in the management of telecommunications operations.

The new software offers views of ordering systems, provisioning processes and repair records, among others, eliminating the need to contact personnel manning the systems. Managers working on a DSL installation issue, for example, can access the relevant records to check whether service has been established, whether site visits were scheduled, or to examine recent attempts to remedy a problem. Once any issues are identified, attention can be immediately focused on the problem and corrective action taken.

The program also features up-to-the-minute analyses of the performance of various systems, allowing managers to make decisions on both current and projected problems involving local, regional or national processes that underpin service.

For individual customer accounts, iSite allows detailed account reviews, including, for instance, whether the appropriate service discounts have been applied, should customers complain about billing issues.

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