Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Verizon Business Completes 100G Trial With UK's JANET

Verizon Business and JANET, the UK's National Research and Education Network, completed a field trial of 100 Gbps optical transmission technology in April. Using a 103-kilometer section of the Verizon global network between London and Reading, the trial with JANET demonstrated that 10G, 40G and 100G (gigabits per second) optical signals can be carried simultaneously without signal impact.

During the 100G-trial with JANET, test equipment was used to purposely introduce signal impairments, which were then corrected by electronic hardware. The results showed 100G service can provide more than twice the tolerance of conventional 10G signals for several key parameters as well as a more robust transport system with ten times the data transmission rate.

"Moving toward reliable, high-performance 100G technology is critical, especially for organizations like JANET that support education and research projects requiring significant bandwidth," said Ihab Tarazi, vice president of global network planning for Verizon.

  • In October 2008, Verizon and Nortel announced a 100G transmission test. Verizon said the optical transmission technology performed with better tolerance for signal distortion than typically found in today's standard wavelength of 10G. Transporting data over 73 kilometers of field fiber in northeastern Texas at a 92 Gbps rate, the recent trial demonstrated twice the tolerance for signal distortion when compared with today's standard 10G signal. The Nortel Optical Multiservice Edge 6500 convergence platform equipped with 40G/100G Adaptive Optical Engine technology integrates advanced signal-processing techniques that maintain sustained signal integrity despite significant polarization mode dispersion (PMD).

  • In September 2008, Verizon and Nokia Siemens Networks announced that they had successfully transmitted data at 100G on a single wavelength for more than 1,040 kilometers, setting a new distance record over deployed fiber and demonstrating better performance than conventional transmission.

  • In November 2007, Verizon and Alcatel-Lucent transmitted a commercial information package - a FiOS video stream - between Tampa, Fla., and Miami at 100G for the first time over a live network.