Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Utah's UTOPIA Offers 100 Mbps Symmetric Residential Internet

UTOPIA (Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency) has connected its first customer to a 100 Mbps symmetric residential Internet service. Service to the customer, who is located in Layton, Utah, is provided over the UTOPIA network by Idaho-based FuzeCore, one of the service providers on the network. FuzeCore's 100 Mbps service is available for $147.00 a month, and offers a dedicated 100 Mbps downstream and 100 Mbps upstream.

The UTOPIA network, owned by a group of 16 Utah cities, provides physical fiber-optic infrastructure directly to customers' homes. Private-sector companies use the network to provide Internet, phone, video and a variety of other broadband services to business and residential customers. UTOPIA's open access model gives customers the freedom to choose from among multiple service providers, who are in direct competition for customers on the network.

UTOPIA noted that it has already begun testing the first Gigabit (1000 Mbps) connection in the residential market.

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