Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweden's Tobii Raises EUR 16 Million for Eye Tracking Silicon

Tobii Technology, a private company headquartered in Stockholm with offices in the U.S., Germany, Norway, Japan and China, has raised EUR 16 million (MSEK 170) in expansion capital for its Eye Tracking technology. The company recently launched an embedded eye tracking system on a chip, which will enable eye tracking technology to be integrated with a wide array of products in new markets such as anti-drowsiness for vehicles, general computers, medical diagnostics and gaming.

Tobii says its eye tracking technology utilizes advanced image processing of a person's face, eyes and reflections in the eyes of near-infrared reference lights to accurately estimate the 3D position in space of each eye and the precise target to which each eye gaze is directed towards.

The new funding came from Amadeus Capital Partners, Northzone Ventures and existing investor, Investor Growth Capital.