Friday, May 8, 2009

ST-Ericsson Previews its First LTE Modem

Newly launched ST-Ericsson previewed its mobile broadband product roadmap including plans for an LTE modem platform targeting data devices.

The M700 promises top downlink speed of 100 Mbps with 50 Mbps uplink. It will support for all defined LTE bandwidth (1.4 up to 20 MHz). The platform is being released this year and will leverage a software-defined architecture.

ST-Ericsson, which is the second largest silicon company for mobile broadband, is now sampling its U8500 smartphone HSPA modem solution. The device will offer HD 1080p camcorder and video capabilities, along with up to 18 Million pixels camera.
ST-Ericsson estimates such smartphones, which may cost under US$150 depending on manufacturer, will offer 10 hours on HD video playback. Follow-up platforms are under development.

A archived webcast of Ericsson's Capital Markets Day events is available online.