Monday, May 18, 2009

RMI Unleashes Superscalar Multi-Core Processor

RMI Corporation unveiled its next generation, superscalar "XLP" Processor. The device utilizes a MIPS64 compatible superscalar, simultaneously multi-threaded processor core with out-of-order processing capabilities. The newly designed core operates at greater than 2.0 GHz and is optimized for both data plane and control plane processing. The XLP Processor family is developed on a 40nm process technology.

RMI said the new EC4400 Processor Core contained in the XLP Processor maintains the multi-threading capability that is field proven to provide the highest possible performance for throughput oriented data plane processing. In order to demonstrate similar leadership in single context control plane processing, RMI designed the EC4400 Core as a superscalar engine with out-of-order execution capabilities. This combination of quad-issue and simultaneous 4-way multi-threading within each core enables new classes of systems with non-compromised combined data plane and control plane performance with a single chip solution.

Each of the four hardware threads ("VirtuCores") embedded in the EC4400 Core appears to software as a completely separate processing element, enabling extremely flexible software architectures that simultaneously simplify the software development while increasing the overall system performance.

The RMI XLP832 Processor is a highly-scalable Super System-on-Chip ("SuperSoC") device incorporating key functions of a high-end communication system, including wired and wireless security, networking, storage, data center acceleration, load balancing, as well as a host of other acceleration engines enabling application in a large variety of market segments.

XLP Processor Family Features:

  • Up to Eight EC4400 Processor cores operating at 500 MHz up to greater than 2.0 GHz

  • High-Performance Memory Subsystem

  • Tri-Level Processor Cache Architecture with 12Mbytes of on-chip cache

  • Interchip Interface providing cache coherent scalability for up to 4 XLP devices

  • RMI's patented Enhanced Fast Messaging Network (FMN v2.0)

  • Autonomous Acceleration Engines that operate independently from CPUs completely offloading operation

  • 40 Gbps bandwidth Autonomous Security Acceleration Engine supporting networking, wireless and storage encryption acceleration

The XLP832 scales to support quad-chip configurations with greater than 100Gbps throughput capabilities. The XLP Processor family will also include single core offerings that provide new performance per watt leadership solutions in lower-end applications such as broadband access gateways, wireless LAN access points, secure wireless routers, entry level NAS and NVR devices and Office Automation.

RMI will also offer various XLP family members employing 2 to 6 EC4400 Cores to provide optimal solutions for mid-range applications such as wireless base stations, Enterprise security appliances, cloud computing, data center offload, etc.

At the higher end, RMI's 8 core XLP832 offering provides a single chip 40Gbps class solution with quad chip configurations scaling to support application solutions requiring more than 100 Gbps of throughput.

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