Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Orange Business Supplies Telepresence for Zurich Financial

Orange Business Services is supplying telepresence capabilities for Zurich Financial Services to facilitate and to promote global meetings through advanced video conferencing, while significantly reducing travel costs.

So far, Orange Business Services has provided seven rooms equipped with large screens and a seating capacity of up to 18 people each. The rooms are situated in Los Angeles, Schaumburg, New York, Mercer Island and Agoura Hills in the U.S.; London, U.K.; and Zurich, Switzerland. Since the initial deployment was completed, hundreds of people across Zurich's global businesses have participated in Telepresence meetings, eliminating numerous medium and long haul flights.

:Telepresence enables remote collaboration with a level of immediacy and fluidity that other solutions lack," said Michael Paravicini, Zurich's Chief Information Officer. :It has improved the working experience for Zurich people, it provides wide access to expertise across the business, and it has saved costs and time whilst increasing productivity."http://www.orange-business.com

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