Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Orange Business Services Offers IPv6 for its MPLS-based VPNs

Orange Business Services has deployed IPv6 in its MPLS IP VPN backbone enabling the emergence of a new generation of applications and services, notably in machine-to-machine and sensors networks domains. The new option is available directly from 35 countries in Q2 2009 and will be gradually extended to more than 100 additional countries by the beginning of 2010.

Orange Business Services said there are four main reasons for companies to integrate IPv6:

  • Innovative applications: IPv6 will support large numbers of networked devices and ensure that there will never be a shortage of IP addresses.

  • More efficient addressing: IPv6 also enables enterprises to have simpler addressing, allowing for any device to have a unique IP address.

  • Protect and optimize investments: It is only a matter of time before IPv6 addressing replaces the existing IP addressing which means enterprises need to prepare now for the switch-over. Orange Business Services allows a single VPN to mix IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.

  • International context: Multinational companies need to be aware that some countries are adopting IPv6 earlier than others, so companies need to make IPv6 migration plans accordingly. Some governments already have in place ambitious 2010 targets.

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