Sunday, May 24, 2009

NTT Com to Add Burstable Option for Ethernet Services

NTT Com is introducing an Ethernet burstable option that enables corporate users of its e-VLAN, Arcstar IP-VPN and Business OCN services in Japan to flexibly and economically configure their networks to handle sudden, temporary bursts of data traffic.

Network data traffic has risen dramatically due to the increasing use of e-mail, browsing, groupware applications, data management for control and security, and network-based computing applications such software as a service (SaaS). Moreover, traffic volume can vary widely within one day or longer, placing a heavy burden on network resources. For many companies, however, the cost of adding sufficient bandwidth to deal with these data bursts can be quite high.

NTT Com's "Burst Ether Access" is designed to provide a cost-effective option for sudden traffic spikes. Two menus will be available: "Burst 10" will provide committed bandwidth of 1 Mbps and the capacity to burst up to 10 Mbps, while "Burst 100" will provide committed 10 Mbps , burstable to 100 Mbps. The monthly charge will be from 84,000 yen (including tax) in the case of Burst 10 for customers using the e-VLAN "zone plan" (access within a defined geographic zone).


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