Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mushroom's Broadband Bonding Aggregates Up to 5 Connections

Mushroom Networks, a start-up based in San Diego, announced the second generation of its TRUFFLE Broadband Bonding device capables of aggregating up to five high-speed Internet connections of any type (DSL, cable, T1, DS3, fiber, wireless) into a single Internet connection. The second generation version incorporates enhanced flow-based quality-of-service (QoS), traffic prioritization and application filtering, dual unit automatic failover, 1Gig Ethernet ports and higher maximum throughput rates of over 300Mbps.

TRUFFLE is an Ethernet-based turn-key solution that installs between the broadband modems and the local network at the customer's premises without requiring any configuration changes to the existing network or coordination with the ISP. This enables the user to mix and match various services from multiple broadband providers into a bonded pipe. If one or more of the links in the bonded pipe fail or is degraded, the traffic is transparently spread across the remaining links without any interruptions resulting in maximum network up time. When peered over the Internet with another TRUFFLE device for example: connecting the main headquarters with multiple branch offices, both the download and upload capacity is aggregated solving a major industry pain point -- slow uplink speeds for Virtual Private Network (VPN) traffic.

In addition to much greater bi-directional maximum throughput rates, new features include advanced QoS algorithms and application filtering that intelligently prioritizes and manages traffic improving inbound real-time traffic latency metrics for applications such as voice, streaming, and video conferencing. Duel unit configuration enabling hot-swap failover to the standby unit (active/passive availability); and bypass port failover during unforeseen power outages ensures high-nines network reliability.

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