Monday, May 25, 2009

Kabel BW Selects Nortel and Camiant for Softswitch Solution

Kabel Baden-W├╝rttemberg, one of the leading cable network operators in Germany with 2.3 million customers, has selected Nortel's CS 2000 , IP Multimedia Softswitch and Camiant's PacketCable Multimedia policy server to upgrade its infrastructure. Kabel BW plans to supplement traditional voice services with video telephony, interactive gaming and multimedia messaging applications that will give users new methods to communicate with colleagues and friends, even if they are using other networks. SIP is replacing the NCS protocol at Kabel BW as the basis for voice and multimedia communication.

Nortel notes that Kabel BW is one of the first cable network operators in the world to upgrade its network to conform to the SIP and Packet Cable Multimedia (PCMM) standard. PCMM replaces the previous Network Call Signalling (NCS) protocol in cable networks, and makes high-quality bandwidth management for multimedia services possible.

Packet Cable Multimedia (PCMM) is a standard which is based on Internet Protocol (IP) technology and facilitates numerous multimedia services such as IP telephony, multimedia conferences and interactive gaming. The PCMM standard is implemented on Nortel's Communication Server (CS) 2000 , a carrier grade, VoIP Softswitch that is used by MSOs around the world. Nortel's CS 2000 was the first call server to support the PacketCable Multimedia standard.

Nortel and longstanding partner Camiant have achieved a substantial technological lead by developing this PCMM solution using Nortel's Communication Server 2000 in combination with Camiant's Policy Management Server.

Combined with the Adaptive Application Engine SIP software, the Nortel CS 2000 enables very simple and innovative services allowing consumers to easily add phone lines in the house or enhance their phone line with multimedia applications such as video telephony, multi-party conferencing, collaboration and media sharing features. Services offered include secure federated instant messaging, instant file transfer, web push, co-browsing, buddy lists with presence and whiteboarding. The solution also includes Nortel's Personal Agent: A web based self-service line management application that allows users to manage features like do-not-disturb, find me & follow me (set of rules that define how and in which device a call will reach the subscriber depending on caller ID, time of day, day of week, presence status, etc.), click-to-call web services and much more.