Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ixia Introduces Low-Cost Appliance for Verifying IP/MPLS Networks

Ixia introduced its XR1000 integrated hardware appliance for end-to-end active monitoring and analysis of multiplay networks.

The new device, which is part of the company's IxRave service verification solution, is a Gigabit Ethernet probe that extends IxRave's ability to deliver multi-service testing, quality of experience (QoE) performance monitoring and fault isolation across different technology domains -- from subscriber multiplay to higher bandwidth IP/MPLS networks. With IxRave, service providers can actively test their customers' individual paths from the network core to the customer premise in a centralized solution. Large enterprises can also deploy the IxRave solution to help monitor and verify the network services being delivered by any number of service providers to their central or remote sites across the globe.

The XR1000 can be placed at the data center, access, edge and core demarcation points to isolate throughput and application quality problems to the network segment. It may be used in conjunction with the 10/100 Mbps XR100 or with downloadable software endpoints across an entire network to manage and monitor every customer path across a carrier network. The XR1000 can execute periodic active monitoring tests, trigger QoS-based measurements of industry standard network threshold values, generate alarms and traps, or issue on-demand live QoE network trend analysis. IxRave and the XR1000 measure data throughput, jitter, packet loss, latency delay, IPTV MDI and VoIP MOS metrics throughout the service provider network.