Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Immersion Demos Two New Haptic Feedback Techniques for Small Screens

Immersion Corporation, which specializes in haptic (touch feedback) technology, unveiled two new concepts for next-generation digital user interfaces based on patented multi-modal haptic and gestural technology.

The first technique, called TouchSense, transforms touchscreen keyboards into ones that feel like physical keyboards.
The second technique, called Immersive Messaging, enables people to share emotions, thoughts, ideas and short pieces of information in real time through physical senses rather than simple text, using a shared physical space on their mobile device.

"Touch technology is the future of user experience for digital devices. By combining our proven haptics with advanced gestural technology, we are significantly advancing usability for all kinds of consumer electronics products, especially mobile phones and other portables," said Clent Richardson, chief executive officer of Immersion.