Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IBM Ushers In Era of Stream Computing

IBM introduced a new concept of "stream computing", where software enables massive amounts of data to be analyzed in real time for smarter business decision-making.

The new software, called IBM System S., is designed for perpetual analytics. It uses a new streaming architecture and proprietary mathematical algorithms to create a forward-looking analysis of data from any source. For example, IBM said its System S can analyze hundreds or thousands of simultaneous streams of unstructured data -- stock prices, retail sales, weather reports, etc. -- and deliver nearly instantaneous analysis.

IBM believes that as the world becomes increasingly interconnected and instrumented, the amount of data will skyrocket - not just structured information found in databases - but unstructured, incompatible data captured from electronic sensors, web pages, email, blogs and video. By 2010, the amount of digital information is expected to reach 988 exabytes, roughly the equivalent of a stack of books from the Sun to Pluto and back.

IBM also announced today the opening of the IBM European Stream Computing Center, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland that will serve as a hub of research, customer support and advanced testing for what is expected to be a growing base of European clients who wish to apply stream computing to their most challenging business problems.

Additionally, IBM is making System S trial code available at no cost to help clients better understand the software's capabilities and how they can take advantage of it for their business. This trial code includes developer tools, adapters and software to test applications.