Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Huawei Launches its Next-Gen Mobile Softswitch

Huawei Technologies announced its latest Mobile Softswitch Solution (MSS) with enhanced capabilities in network security, maintenance and operating expenses reduction. The platform is based on industry-standard blade technology and can scale to support up to 10 million subscribers. Compared with Huawei' s previous mobile softswitch, the new design reduces the physical space requirement by up to 70 percent and energy consumption by up to 75 percent. The system provides real-time monitoring and can automatically locate and recover from faults. compared with Huawei' s previous solution for mobile softswitch.

In addition, the cluster-distributed computing network architecture of the new MSS allows operators to share network resources rapidly and upgrade the overall network capacity by 30 percent without any additional investment. Functions such as real-time user data backup and automatic service recovery also raise the reliability rate significantly. Huawei claims up to 99.9999% reliability for the whole system.