Wednesday, May 13, 2009

European Commission Selects Inmarsat and Solaris for Mobile Satellite Licenses

The European Commission has selected two operators, Inmarsat Ventures Limited and Solaris Mobile Limited, to provide mobile satellite services across Europe. A mobile satellite service (MSS) is a service provided by a satellite system which communicates with portable terminals on the ground, which can be carried by a person or mounted on a ship or car. Systems providing mobile satellite services have been allocated the 2 GHz frequency band throughout the European Union, comprising radio spectrum from 1980 to 2010 MHz for Earth to space communications, and from 2170 to 2200 MHz for space to Earth communications.

The selection concludes the first pan-European selection procedure organized by the Commission. Four companies -- ICO Satellite Limited, Inmarsat Ventures Limited, Solaris Mobile Limited and TerreStar Europe Limited -- had submitted an application. Commercial service must start within 24 months from this selection decision at the latest.

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