Monday, May 18, 2009

Cisco Targets Mobile Workspace Collaboration

Cisco is announcing "Collaboration in Motion" -- a program that integrates products and services from the Cisco WebEx, Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco Unified Wireless Network and Cisco Advanced Services product lines to bring the collaborative experience to the mobile workspace.

As part of Collaboration in Motion, Cisco has focused on new products and services in five areas:

Workspace Experience: Cisco is expanding its strategy to deliver network services to an ever-expanding number of devices while simplifying the way these devices connect to the wireless network.

  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center version 1.2 application on the iPhone is available for free as a download from Apple's Apps Store. Version 1.2 expands the award-winning application and allows the host to schedule meetings and invite attendees before and during the meeting using the intuitive iPhone.

  • Cisco is evolving the Cisco Compatible Extensions Program to meet the needs of a changing device landscape. The new Cisco Compatible Extension Services program modularizes features into four services -- foundation, management, collaboration and context-aware, allowing device manufacturers to select the most relevant service for a specific device. A broad ecosystem of silicon vendors and device manufacturers support the program evolution, including AeroScout, Atheros, Broadcom, Ekahau, Intel, Intermec, Polycom, Redpine Signals, Summit Data Communications and Texas Instruments.

Wireless Network Platform: As the leader in next-generation 802.11n wireless technology, Cisco is delivering a complete 802.11n solution that incorporates access points, controllers and management, and the ability to expose network information and services through an open API.

  • The new Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controller is optimized for 802.11n networks. Independent testing validates the platform's ability to deliver video and rich media collaborative applications at scale with up to a 1,000 percent performance increase compared with earlier generations of wireless controllers.

  • The new Cisco OfficeExtend solution complements the Cisco Virtual Office portfolio of teleworking solutions. It extends the corporate wireless network to remote locations, delivering wireless data, voice and video services to mobile employees.

  • The new Cisco Aironet 1524 Mesh Access Point delivers added scalability to extend wireless coverage across a variety of indoor and outdoor workspaces.

  • The new Cisco 3310 Mobility Services Engine is smart-sized for small to medium-sized businesses, supporting existing mobility services, including Context-Aware and Adaptive Wireless IPS, and interfaces via an open API to enable third-party mobility applications.

Third-Party Applications: Cisco is bringing network-specific information to business applications through an open API. New applications are being announced for network assurance, PCI Compliance, and wireless video surveillance.

  • Network assurance solutions integrate location information from the Cisco Mobility Services Engine with security and network performance correlation engines to identify and resolve security and network performance events faster. ArcSight, NetScout Systems and RSA (The Security Division of EMC) are each announcing new capabilities using the Cisco Mobility Services Engine to deliver these network assurance solutions to their customers.

  • Technology Partners: Cisco is introducing a new cross-technology developer community called the Cisco Developer Network to enable technology partners to create applications that leverage the network platform.

  • The new Cisco Developer Network Program for Mobility is a community created to simplify solution development and increase the speed with which Cisco and its partners can deliver mobility solutions to market. Solution verification gives customers the confidence that solutions have been pre-integrated and validated to work with the Cisco Unified Wireless Network. AeroScout, Atheros, Intermec and Pelco join a growing ecosystem of more than 20 solution partners under the Cisco Developer Network Program for Mobility.

Professional Services: Cisco is introducing advanced professional services to assist customers in the design and deployment of wireless networks to accelerate return on investment and reduce total cost of ownership.

  • As customers seek to migrate from legacy wireless networks to high-performance 802.11n networks, Cisco Professional Services, together with Cisco channel partners, offer expertise to help facilitate the design, deployment and optimization of next-generation wireless networks that enable collaboration through mobility services.

  • The 802.11n Readiness Assessment Service helps customers evaluate the current state of devices and existing enterprise networks to align business objectives with architectures in advance of deploying a Wi-Fi network.

  • The Mobility Services Readiness Assessment Service helps customers evaluate real-time collaboration applications like voice and video and provides recommendations to help ensure that the experience is optimized across the wireless network.

  • Planning and Design Services evaluate the physical characteristics of the deployment to help customers ensure coverage and security in their particular environment.