Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cisco CRS-1 Marks Fifth Anniversary

Cisco marked the fifth anniversary of the introduction of its CRS-1 core routing platform, which has now been deployed by over 300 customers worldwide. In marking the occasion, Cisco announced a new deployment by Russian mobile operator MegaFon, one of the fastest-growing mobile operators in Europe and Russia's first GSM operator.

The total shipped capacity of all installed CRS-1 systems worldwide is 2919 Tbps, equivalent to more than 25,000 users downloading a 15 gigabyte high definition movie in one second, or to nearly half the world's population having live Cisco TelePresence sessions at the same time.

Despite all that capacity, however, Cisco believes the need to handle more IP traffic will grow strongly in coming years. Under current forecasts global IP traffic will reach 44 exabytes per month in 2012 and the total IP traffic for 2012 will amount to over half a zettabyte (a trillion gigabytes). Monthly global IP traffic in December 2012 will be 10 exabytes higher than in December 2011, an increase equivalent of 500,000 years' worth of uncompressed DVD-quality videohttp://www.cisco.com