Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bivio Acquires FlowInspect, Extending its DPI Reach

Bivio Networks, which specializes in deep packet inspection (DPI)-enabled networking platforms, has acquired FlowInspect, a Milan-based developer of protocol ID and classification technologies.

Founded in 2003, FlowInspect offers a DPI-enabled multi-application service gateway. The company's products combine protocol identification and classification technologies with a range of DPI applications including content filtering, data retention, service protection, interception, and traffic and subscriber management services. FlowInspect's customers include service providers, national network operators and government agencies throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Bivio said the acquisition deepens its reach into DPI-enabled application while adding significantly sales opportunities in Europe and the Middle East.

"DPI is increasingly recognized as the key unifying technology for policy-centric network applications and services," said Dr. Elan Amir, CEO of Bivio Networks. "FlowInspect's innovative DPI classification technologies, applications and service creation platform furthers Bivio's strategy to be the leading provider of deep packet processing solutions critical for current and future networks."

"FlowInspect has been a Bivio partner since 2006, and we have already fully integrated our technology into the Bivio Networks 2000 and the Bivio Networks 7000 platforms," said Marco Grillo, CEO of FlowInspect. "We are excited to be joining the Bivio team and view this acquisition as an exciting next step in our long-standing relationship."