Monday, May 18, 2009

Aricent and Cavium Collaborate on LTE eNodeB Designs

Aricent and Cavium Networks announced a joint collaboration through which the companies expect to offer pre-optimized, performance enhanced Aricent LTE eNodeB Layer 2 and Layer 3 stacks, and the Aricent LTE eNodeB Framework (eNBF), for Cavium's OCTEON Multi-core MIPS64 Processor Family for Long Term Evolution (LTE) base stations.

Aricent LTE eNodeB software -- comprising of the PHY, MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC, S1AP, X2AP, GTPu and SCTP stacks, are key components for building LTE Femtocells, Pico and Macro eNodeB basestations. The Aricent LTE eNodeB Framework (eNBF) integrates Layer 2 and 3 functionality into a seamless package, accelerating and simplifying development of a carrier class eNodeB solution.

This pre-optimized solution is expected to be available on the current Cavium OCTEON Plus Processor Family and the upcoming OCTEON II CN63XX processor.

In conjunction with this announcement, Aricent has also joined the Cavium PACE (Partnership to Accelerate Customer End-solutions) ecosystem.