Monday, May 4, 2009

Accanto Systems Introduces Customer Service Assurance Solution

Accanto Systems (formerly Sunrise Telecom Protocol Products Group) has developed a new intelligent Customer Service Assurance (iCSA) solution for managing wireless and wireline networks by providing a customer-centric view of services.

Accanto correlates massive amounts of information collected from the network, services, subscribers and devices themselves into an Oracle database. The system serves as a unified tool to effectively monitor, and proactively solve problems specific customers are experiencing with the quality or usage of services. Accanto iCSA also links easily with Customer Relationship Management systems, resulting in faster troubleshooting and resolution of complicated issues.

iCSA is composed of Accanto's high performance probe/protocol analyzer products (NeTracker, 3GMaster and MSA-QX), its Traffic Analysis and Monitoring System (TAMS), as well as newly developed "X-Ray" application modules, which are based on Oracle business intelligence. Accanto iCSA is also highly customizable, and integrates easily into the service provider's existing operations systems, thanks to consulting expertise from its newly merged group of OSS consultants (formerly LTE Innovations).

Accanto Systems also announced that its Traffic Analysis and Monitoring System (TAMS) was selected by Jamaica-based Digicel as an integrated network monitoring and troubleshooting solution for its growing pan-Caribbean and Central America mobile network. The system will utilize Accanto's Mobile X-Ray Customer Service Assurance platform to optimize efficiency and service quality of mobile data services.