Sunday, May 10, 2009

3Com Plans Return to World Market for Enterprise Networking

3Com outlined plans to return to the global enterprise networking market by leveraging its broad portfolio of H3C edge-to-data-center solutions.

"Our experience in achieving market leadership over the last few years in China has made it clear there is a significant need to take the cost and complexity out of building enterprise networks," said Bob Mao, chief executive officer, 3Com.

3Com listed three tenets at the foundation of its enterprise networking strategy:

  • Design solutions that lower TCO: The H3C portfolio of solutions has been designed and built over the last four years, incorporating the latest in merchant silicon and energy efficiency, as well as a common management platform;

  • Architect future-proof products: The H3C solutions are based on open standards and leverage common hardware and software systems to help solve today's problems while allowing the flexibility to adapt to future technology enhancements; and

  • Deliver a new level of customer intimacy: 3Com has made responsiveness and flexibility a priority, underscored by the stability of a $1.3 billion, profitable, global organization. Elite partners authorized to sell H3C products will also help elevate the level of customer service and support.

As a first step, the company is introducing two new switching platforms, the H3C S12500 for end-of-rack in data centers, and a "flex-chassis" switching platform, the H3C S5800, for wiring closets, smaller network cores and top-of-rack in data centers. The products are manageable by a new platform.

3Com noted that is already is the second-largest enterprise networking provider in the world in terms of switches (ports) and routers (units), according to IDC. 3Com plans to aggressively expand this foundation, which largely has been driven by its position in China, where it holds more than 30 percent market share.

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