Sunday, April 19, 2009

Xangati Debuts Service Provider Application Mgt App for Customer Care

Xangati, a start-up based in Cupertino, California, released an end-user application suite (EAS) that enables Service Providers and their end customers to see which applications are consuming bandwidth and impacting the performance of their broadband connections. The EAS leverages Xangati's Application Management 2.0 framework to enable a DVR-like playback of an online session. Both the end-user and the Service Provider can see which applications are streaming traffic and how much of the resources were consumed. The EAS is comprised of two complementary applications:

  • "The AppMonitor" is available to all subscribers and allows an individual to see their streaming real-time application activity over the Internet and identify issues without outside assistance, probes or software agents -- enabling the service provider to generate new revenue streams by helping customers manage their own Internet service.

  • "The Visual Trouble Ticket" portal allows a subscriber to initiate and submit a DVR-style recording of their network and application activity to help a customer support representative (CSR) see and track the problem in real-time. This new concept offers an enhanced support framework over what was previously available and will significantly increase customer satisfaction through faster problem identification and resolution.

Xangati's Application Management 2.0 solution could also be deployed by IT organizations operating large enterprise networks. The appeal of the solution is that it is extensible to every user within the enterprise and all their applications -- whether they are on-premise or in the cloud -- because it can be deployed without costly software agents or hardware probes.