Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Verizon Enhances its Internet Security Suite

Verizon has enhanced its Internet Security Suite (VISS) for broadband subscribers with new Wi-Fi security capabilities. The VISS, which uses Radialpoint's ISP-delivered security and support technology, is available to Verizon FiOS Internet and Verizon High Speed Internet customers, as well as other broadband users.

The new Wi-Fi Security feature helps protect subscribers from hackers, eavesdroppers and other security threats associated with unsecured wireless networks and hot spots. When connecting to a wireless network, the service displays an alert if a network is unencrypted and, by providing simple how-to instructions, encourages users to set up encryption. When subscribers use public hot spots, Wi-Fi security can automatically turn off network discovery and sharing for increased security.

Other VISS capabilities include:

  • Virus Protection: Automatically safeguards customers from viruses,
    worms and Trojans. Simple to use, it offers automatic scans, updates
    and quarantines resulting in fewer support calls and a more secure

  • Spyware Protection: Detects and quarantines spyware before it attacks
    a PC. The service is automatically configured, updated and maintained.

  • Fraud Protection: Combats identity theft attacks and fraudulent
    campaigns conducted by e-mail, instant messaging (IM), blogs and Web
    hijacking techniques.

  • Firewall: Blocks unauthorized intrusions, malicious hackers and other
    hostile access attempts from both incoming and outgoing connections,
    with fully managed, automatically updated and customized firewall

  • Parental Controls: A secure, easy-to-use content-filtering program
    that allows subscribers to prevent their children from accessing
    inappropriate Internet content. Blocks millions of URLs, and also
    manages the use of online applications and the amount of time children
    spend online.

  • PC Optimizer: Offers subscribers a superior customer experience and
    maximized computer and Internet performance. With a full range of disk
    cleanup and optimization features such as defragmenting files, the
    service automatically improves system operation on a regular basis.

  • Pop-up & Ad Blocker: Helps ensure a faster and less cluttered browsing
    experience by blocking online ads such as pop-ups, pop-unders,
    banners, animations and tile ads.

  • Privacy Manager: Scans all outgoing communications for sensitive or
    identifying user information to help prevent its release without
    consent. It also provides control over how much information Web sites
    record about browsing habits, as well as a cleanup utility to
    automatically remove data traces left by browsers and programs.

Verizon sells f the security suite at a monthly price of $5.99 or as an annual subscription costing $59.99.

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