Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Verizon Business Offers "Compliance ScoreCard" for Enterprise Security

Verizon Business is offering its enterprise customers an enhanced online dashboard -- known as the Compliance ScoreCard -- to help them track their security activities against relevant standards and regulations. The tool is part of the Verizon Security Management Program.

The ScoreCard allows companies to see at a glance how they and their industry peers -- in aggregate -- are performing against relevant security standards and regulations. Security standards tracked include ISO 27002, COBIT 4.1, PCI DSS 1.2 and HIPAA across key industries consisting of financial services, consumer/retail, health care, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, utilities/energy, insurance, technology, telecommunications, business services, government, transportation, media, entertainment/leisure and charitable organizations.

"This latest Security Management Program enhancement is a direct reflection of customer demand for information specific to the customer's own vertical industry," said Mike Marcellin, vice president of global managed solutions, Verizon. "Customers look to Verizon Business to help them boost their security programs, and we are providing a unique, industry-leading solution that enables customers to manage and drive more value from their security initiatives."

In conjunction with the ScoreCard, the Security Management Program performs an assessment and analysis of a business' security programs. The results are used to generate a compliance percentage score from zero to 100, which shows how a business' security controls align with selected security standards and regulations. The compliance score and the comparison with industry peers provide businesses with a frame of reference that enables them to effectively evaluate their security activities.

Kerry Bailey, Verizon Business senior vice president of global services, said, "The measurable comparisons allow customers to betterhttp://www.verizonbusiness.com