Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sprint Offers Enhanced Calling Features for its Wholesale Cable Customers

Sprint announced the availability of an integrated, enhanced services portfolio to cable companies. These enhanced services include Caller ID to the TV, Caller ID to the PC, and new voicemail features such as a home voicemail alert sent to a customer's mobile phone, and voicemail to email.

Sprint currently provides wholesale cable VoIP services to 14 leading cable companies and supports more than 4.5 million cable VoIP/digital phone subscribers -- covering more than 31 million cable households-passed.

"Linking SMS capabilities to our VoIP voicemail is just the first step in our ongoing integration of VoIP and wireless services," said Jim Patterson, president-Wholesale for Sprint. "Our goal with Sprint's VoIP services, in particular with our enhanced voice services offering, is to continue to make it easier for our cable partners to offer solutions that increase their market share and increase the value they bring to their customers."