Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Solera Networks Raises $7 Million for Network Forensics

Solera Networks, a start-up based in Utah, has raised an additional $7 million in Series B venture funding for its network forensics software solutions.

Solera Networks has made significant advancements in high-speed network forensics solutions for both virtual and physical networks, including technology to capture, index, search, and replay all network traffic. Solera Networks' flagship product is the DS Series, a line of high-performance network forensics appliances, including software-only virtual appliances that capture, record, search and archive 100% of network traffic at speeds up to 10Gbps. DS appliances sit passively on the network, undetected, not impacting the performance of the network in any way. Captured traffic is written to an adaptive replacement cache and presented in multiple industry-standard formats, including PCAP, or as regenerated traffic delivered at recorded, throttled or accelerated playback speeds. Regenerated traffic appears to other devices or segments as normal network traffic with all original metadata.

The new funding was led by new investor Allegis Capital. Solera Networks' existing investor, Canopy Ventures, is also participating in the round. Proceeds from the funding will be used to accelerate growth in sales and marketing activities, including opening the company's new office in Washington, DC and expansion of its Japanese operations.

Solera Networks president and CEO, Steve Shillingford said, "We've always believed that today's information assurance strategies are missing a fundamental component - the ability to go back in time to quickly find the source of a breach, remediate the failure, and fortify the network. We see this funding as validation for the need to shift toward planning for these inevitable failures by investing in network forensics solutions like those from Solera Networks."http://www.soleranetworks.com


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