Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Raytheon to Embed the Narus CyberSecurity into its Government Solutions

Raytheon Company and Narus have formed a partnership in which Raytheon will embed NarusInsight to monitor IP traffic and provide critical knowledge to help manage and protect sensitive government networks. The companies said their joint solution for protecting and monitoring government networks aligns with renewed government efforts to adopt a more strategic approach to cybersecurity. Raytheon provides a full spectrum of robust cybersecurity capabilities, including vulnerability and security assessments, enterprise information assurance services, monitoring and traffic analysis, information services and information operations.

Narus' real-time traffic intelligence technology allows for total visibility into IP traffic, from the network layer through services. Narus has developed algorithms to detect network anomalies and zero-day attacks, and manage unwanted IP traffic. Additionally, Narus has the ability to precision target and fully reconstruct all types of IP traffic, including VoIP, e-mail, Web mail and instant messages.

"With this partnership, Raytheon and Narus will provide the best possible solution to ensure our government's sensitive networks remain protected, while also providing capabilities to identify attackers," said Steve Hawkins, vice president of Raytheon Information Security Solutions. "This is the most comprehensive and robust dynamic defense solution available for government networks."

"We are proud to be selected by Raytheon as part of Narus' broader strategy to work with the best companies to meet government requirements around the world," said Greg Oslan, Narus president and CEO. "As the foundation for the industry's most advanced real-time cyber protection, intercept and traffic management solutions, NarusInsight is critical to help meet today's national security challenges."

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